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Recycled Plastic Bottle Cap Necklaces/Bracelets Craft!

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So I took my idea for recycled plastic bottle cap holiday tree ornaments, and came up with another fun craft.  Using some of the same materials from my tree ornament craft, I created some recycled plastic bottle cap necklaces and bracelets.  This is a fun craft to do with kids, and it’s pretty easy too.  I used an assortment of plastic bottle caps from my art  bin as the base of this project.  I used a 1 inch circle paper shaper to punch various images from magazines, and school book order forms (which I am always left with after I send the actual order back to school). Once I had my images, I decoupaged them with Mod Podge to the top of the caps. Make sure to put a layer of Mod Podge over the image, so that it is securely affixed to the cap.   After giving the caps some time to dry, I put a thin layer of Diamond Glaze over the image, and let dry over night.  The Diamond Glaze gives the image a raised glass finish.   EEK! Watch out for bubbles! The next day the charms were ready to be completed.  With a hot glue gun,  (an adult should apply the hot glue for this project) I attached a bead to the top of the bottle cap.  For bracelets, attach a bead to each side of the cap.  Once dry, I placed the ends of the  stretchy string into the beads, and hot glued them in place.  For necklaces, make sure that the holes on the beads are big enough to accommodate both ends of the stretchy string.  The necklace will have to slip over your head when complete, so make sure your string is long enough.  This applies to the bracelet as well, which will have to slip over your hand to fit the wrist.  The stretchy string should fit securely to your wrist so that the cap/charm sits at the top of your arm/wrist.  *Be creative-add additional beads to your stretchy string, use glitter or sequin on your image before applying Diamond Glaze.

*Note: I did not put any holes in the bottle cap.  The holes in the beads are lightly filled with hot glue, and the ends of the string are placed inside of the bead to dry in place.  Once you have measured your string for the bracelet, glue one end into one of the affixed beads.  Once it is securely in place, take the other end of the string and glue it into the bead on the other side of the cap. Connect with EarthyGirl Originals on Facebook!

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